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    SON shines for Vodafone UK across south of England


    Vodafone UK has deployed Cisco’s Self-Optimising Network (SON) technology across London and the South of England to improve network quality.

    The operator said the technology was a first for the UK and said it would improve voice calls and reduce congestion across its network.

    SON monitors usage levels in real time, direct calls to alternative masts and antennas during periods of high usage. Engineers can also use the technology to optimise the network to cope with special events and upcoming peaks in demand.

    Vodafone UK’s Chief Technology Officer Jorge Fernandes said: “We continue to innovate to help ensure that our customers never miss calls and have the best possible network experiences. Using Cisco SON is another important step toward that goal and we have already seen improvements not only in call set up failure, but also in dropped call reduction.”

    Mike Landolo, Vice President and General Manager, Mobility, Cisco, said: “Vodafone is respected around the world for the quality of its network and its engineering organization. We are confident in entrusting Cisco SON with boosting network performance and transforming the customer experience even further.”

    Around 72 million voice calls are made on Vodafone’s network per day, with more than 44 billion voice minutes carried across its network during the past financial year.

    In May, Vodafone said it would deploy Ericsson’s briefcase-sized radio units across London to overcome the city’s planning restrictions.

    The operator is spending £2 billion during the next three years to improve network performance.

    According to the latest figures from Rootmetrics, Vodafone has the third best network in London.