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    Sparkle expands services in Rome with a new PoP


    This is part of the international carrier’s backbone expansion across Europe and the first in a city.

    Located at Tecnopolo Tiburtino in the eastern part of the city, the new PoP adds to the three existing sites in the metropolitan area, increasing the capillarity of Sparkle’s city ring in Rome, a protected and redundant system, integrated with Sparkle’s Tier-1 global IP backbone Seabone.

    With the new PoP, Sparkle will provide Seabone IP Transit and City2City transport solutions to Tecnopolo Tiburtino’s ecosystem of more than 100 companies operating in  ICT, aerospace, green economy, and research and technology transfer.

    In addition, customers will have access to Sparkle’s range of IP and data services, including a distributed denial of service (DDOS) Protection Service, plus Virtual NAP, which allows customers to access the main internet exchange points without additonal proprietary infrastructure, and Ethernet Suite for secure and transparent Ethernet connectivity.

    With a capillary network in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin and through its marketplace at Palermo’s Sicily Hub – serving 18 international cables – Sparkle positions itself as the digital gateway between Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe.