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    Swisscom begins Gigabit LTE rollout by supercharging stores


    Swisscom is launching Gigabit LTE across its shops by deploying Ericsson’s Radio Dot small cell system.

    The operator has deployed the technology into stores in Bern, Freiburg and Zurich, aggregating three spectrum bands and using 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM. Users with compatible devices are able to access downlink speeds of up to 1.2GBps.

    By the end of this year, Swisscom is aiming to introduce the connectivity to 15 of its shops.

    Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Products and Marketing, Swisscom, said: “Delivering Gigabit LTE in our retail stores allows us to showcase the incredible performance of the overall Swisscom network at our key customer touchpoint.

    “Subscribers and potential subscribers can experience first-hand our products on our Gigabit network.

    “We are the first Swiss provider to present 5G-ready applications with our partner Ericsson, establishing the foundation for the further digitisation of Switzerland.”

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    Nishant Batra, Head of Product Area Network Infrastructure, Ericsson, added: “The Radio Dot System is a key building block in our Gigabit LTE offering on the road to 5G, and we are demonstrating the capabilities of the offering on the Swisscom network in retail outlets to showcase what subscribers can expect today and in the future.”

    More than 120 operators across 70 countries have deployed Ericsson’s Radio Dot system but recent rollouts have been more focused in Asia and South America.

    In August, the Finnish vendor revamped its range of products as it looked to stimulate growth.