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    Swisscom readies digital lab to research IoT era


    Swisscom will explore robotics, smart cities, sensors and AI as part of a new three-year research project.

    The operator is working with the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne on the project and will set up a new Digital Lab on campus.

    Swisscom said the lab would work on researching ways to stay ahead of “the evolving digital landscape” by investing almost €1 million annually over the seven-year partnership period. The operator said it will explore software and hardware solutions through a range of different research projects.

    It said it will also hold events discussing the challenges of digitalisation, as well as working closely with start-ups to discuss new ways of connecting people and homes.

    Urs Schaeppi, CEO of Swisscom, said: “The digital revolution is on its way. To maintain their competitiveness and innovative capability, Switzerland and its companies have to be pioneers in this revolution and Swisscom is a key player. In EPFL, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we’re seeking leading-edge expertise and multidisciplinary innovation that will enable us to further strengthen our position through our commitment.”

    Patrick Aebischer, President of EPFL, added: “Dozens of our laboratories are working on the increased connectivity of people and objects and infrastructure, including data protection issues. The arrival of Swisscom on our campus will inspire creativity among our students and researchers by providing them with access to the immediate requirements of a leading company with a large customer base.”

    Swisscom has been an active player in the IoT market, with the operator a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, which aims to trial wide-area network technology.

    The operator also launched its first driverless car earlier this year.