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    Sybase 365 adds PathFinder service


    Sybase 365, a global specialist in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, has announced the addition of the PathFinder Service — a GSMA-managed service operated by Neustar — to its IPX (IP eXchange) service, enabling operators to support route identification and deliver interoperability for all voice and data services in converged IP environments. 

    GSMA PathFinder is a Number Translation Service that facilitates IP interoperability by translating telephone numbers to IP-based addresses. Based on carrier Electronic Numbering (ENUM), PathFinder is the source for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) resolution on the IPX.

    “PathFinder extends our leadership in IP services, by addressing the pressing issue of Mobile Number Portability and next generation voice and data services interoperability,” said Gregory Dunn, vice president, product management, Sybase.  “Today, by offering PathFinder as part of our IPX service, our voice operator customers don’t have to worry about inefficient routing of traffic, rejected calls or having to put their own number look-up service in place.”

    “The transition from the voice-centric circuit switched world to an all-Internet Protocol (IP) environment brings both opportunities and challenges for operators.” said Adrian Dodd, senior director, Managed Services at the GSMA.  “We worked with Neustar to provide a simple, globally scalable, standards-based solution to interconnect interoperability, which will help reduce costs within the industry. This solution is PathFinder.”
    “PathFinder unleashes the power of IP-services enabling people, networks and devices to connect more efficiently,” said Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services at Neustar. “By selecting PathFinder, Sybase brings together three industry-leading organisations with complementary global expertise, extensive telecommunications experience, and a comprehensive set of IP capabilities. Sybase will now be able to offer their customers the ability to consume borderless communication services, while spurring innovation and increasing collaboration.”

    In partnership with Telecom New Zealand International (TNZI), Sybase 365 runs the world’s first fully operational IPX Voice hub, a key offering on the Sybase  IPX 365 platform —a full suite of IPX services designed to serve both the fixed and mobile network operator communities with premium quality of service and security required in the conversion to IP networks. Sybase IPX 365 full suite of services includes global data roaming, messaging hubs, IPX Voice, and roaming signalling.