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    T-Mobile NL and Primevest Capital Partners to deploy 1Gbps fibre in The Hague


    The project will cover more than 25,000 households in the Loosduinen residential area of the city.

    Preparations for the deployment will start this month and construction will begin in August. The project aligns with T-Mobile’s strategy to pass 100,000 households in the Netherlands with fibre this year.

    The roll-out is planned for areas where there is no fibre now, so that Dutch people are offered 1 Gbps, at the lowest possible price.

    The fibre connection will be combined with an unlimited mobile subscription for €25 per month.

    Close cooperation

    Unusally, half the connections in Loosduinen are meant for rental homes through close cooperation with the city of The Hague.

    T-Mobile will open this new network to all competitors “on very attractive terms” according to a statement from Primevest Capital Partners.

    The partners have already installed a first fibre network with around 32,000 connections in the Segbroek neighbourhood of The Hague. They aim to provide fibre services to hundreds of thousands more addresses over the coming years.

    The construction will be undertaken by preferred partner VolkerWessels Telecom using a construction method, introduced in Segbroek, which speeds construction by up to five times and causes less upheaval in the surrounding area.