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    Talking Telecoms Week: What can generative AI deliver to telecoms?


    Michael A Lesniak of SK Telecom talks to Annie Turner about the convergence of technologies and the need for clarity, and SKT’s pioneering role

    Watch the video: SK Telecom has put itself in the eye of AI storm, as Michael A Lesniak, Business Development and Partnerships at Global Business Group at SK Telecom explains to Annie Turner. He talks about the various strands of work that SK Telecom has done – including multiple use cases – and that could now contribute to its efforts to leverage Generative AI. These strands range from AR/VR/XR to virtual agents (not the same as chatbots), the metaverse, Web3 and much more.

    Most recently he worked on SK Telecom’s efforts in setting up the Global Telco AI Alliance in July, with Deutsche Telekom, e& and Singtel “to accelerate AI transformation of the…telco business and create new business opportunities with AI services”.

    In August, SKT announced an additional $100 million investment in the Google-backed AI firm Anthropic to build a large language model (LLM) customised for telcos.

    Right after our video interview, SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom (DT) announced they are to jointly develop a large language model (LLM) for the telecoms industry, specifically for the requirements of digital assistants in customer service.