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    Tawal makes towering effort for Hajj


    Now has 1031 towers serving pilgrims

    Saudi Arabian network Infrastructure company Tawal has completed its preparations for Hajj 2022, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, reports business informant site Trade Arabia. The addition of 31 resplendent new towers to join the 1,000 towers in its estate will guarantee that the mobile network operator (MNO) can provide subscribers with the best possible experience of the sacred pilgrimage.

    Fi Amanillah

    Providing the best-integrated services for its MNO clients, local authorities and governmental bodies has been a fittingly spiritual duty for Tawal, which has made the requisite financial physical and emotional commitment to complete the towers in time for one of the pillars of the Islamic faith. Tawal was able to cater for the Hajj pilgrims with the fullest cooperation of sympathetic official authorities and Hajj committees. Tawal has also upgraded 303 sites to inaugurate a 5G network and performed preventative maintenance on 986 sites. 


    In order to give its best service to clients on this auspicious occasion, the towerco division allocated over 100 of its best field technicians to manage the infrastructure of the holy sites. The tower operation centres in Riyadh and Makkah need round the clock attention to ensure optimum operations. The company has also put in place mechanisms to prepare for any emergencies.

    Best experience

    “As the kingdom’s leading ICT infrastructure provider, we seek to enable telecom operators, providing an advanced experience for pilgrims,” said Saeed Alshehri, Tawal’s Chief Operating Officer, “As part of our commitment to serving our clients, we are working around the clock to enhance the infrastructure of communication networks, which includes many advanced services for pilgrims.”

    Tawal owns more than 15,500 telecommunication towers in the kingdom., according to Tower Exchange.