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    Tech Mahindra and Nokia working to take industrial private 5G global


    Customised pre-integrated apps can slash times but make work safer

    Technology service provider Tech Mahindra (TechM) has formed a pact with Nokia with the stated ambition ‘to drive 5G private wireless adoption globally’.

    The integrator will use Nokia’s private wireless Digital Automation cloud DAC system for customers across industries and automate 5G Private Wireless network management as a service running in the cloud

    TechM will apply its specialist industry knowledge to run its systems such as Factory.NXT and Mining.NXT over 5G. It will also apply its domain expertise in planning, design, deployment and management of private wireless networks for enterprises.

    Their joint offering will apply TechM’s sector-specific industry knowledge and applications on Nokia’s 5G-designed DAC automation system for 5G to solve the business problems of enterprise customers. 

    Easy apps spread productivity benefits

    The rationale is that by bundling these into an integrated service they can speed the adoption of 5G in industries across the globe. The initial target benefactors are manufacturing, transport, health, oil & gas, logistics, agriculture and entertainment.

    Tech Mahindra claims its enterprise network services cover the entire network stack. Nokia in turn offers comprehensive experience in shaping its technology to the way different industries work. Its DAC can expand across any size of industrial plant to provide a high-performance private wireless network over 4.9G/LTE and 5G connectivity. The partners claim to have a suite of applications for each enterprise in each industry. 

     “Nokia has supported the digital transformation of over 380 enterprises globally with our private wireless offerings. We are excited to collaborate with Tech Mahindra to bring our global private wireless expertise to upgrade their offering and customer experience worldwide,” said Chris Johnson, head of global enterprise business for Nokia.

    Port and mining customised for 5G

    TechM’s pre-integrated 5G for enterprises targets the four critical areas of performance, said Manish Mangal, TM’s global head of 5G and network services business.

    Production efficiency, operating maintenance cost, inspection/error related downtime and the cost of training are the main problems that TM aims to solve, said Mangal. He claimed that the Factory.NXT and Mining.NXT apps can raise efficiency by eight per cent, decimate maintenance and operating costs and slash 60 per cent off training times. The Port.NXT system is customised to support high bandwidth and low latency use in container management, digital operations and workers safety, claims TM.

    “We bring the full ecosystem of people and processes, then we customise and pre-integrate them for every industry from healthcare to manufacturing and deliver similar benefits,” said Mangal.