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    Telcos lead in large scale AI roll-outs


    Telecoms companies are leading large-scale deployments of AI technologies, according to new research.

    A Capgemini poll of 993 AI implementers, including 183 from the mobile industry, found that 49 percent of telcos are deploying the technology at scale, well ahead of the average across all industries of 36 percent.

    Retail was the closest contender at 41 percent large-scale adoption, followed by banking at 36 percent and utilities at 34 percent.

    A quarter of telecoms respondents said customer service had benefited most from AI implementation.

    Ninety three percent believed AI will increase efficiency and effectiveness, while 79 percent had seen a 10 percent uplift in sales due to the technology.

    The report also found that 86 percent of telecoms respondents had seen job creation thanks to artifical intelligence.

    Across all sectors, 66 percent of organisations implementing the tech had seen a 10 percent improvement on reducing churn, while 72 percent had seen the same improvement in reducing customer complaints. Seventy three percent of organisations had seen a 10 percent increase in their Net Promoter Score.

    Meanwhile, 79 percent believed that AI is bringing new insights and better data analysis to ther organisation, 74 percent believed it had made their organisation more creative and 71 percent said it was helping management make better decisions.

    Capgemini urged telcos to take advantage of the “low hanging fruit” use-cases for AI, including forecasting, managing risk and tracking customer and transaction histories.

    “Organisations need to have a clear view of where AI can create the most enduring advantage for them and their customers,” said the report.

    The report polled respondents from the United States, UK, India, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

    However, a recent report by Gartner warned that hype and tenuous definitions could derail the potential of artificial intelligence.