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    Tele2 launches 4G in four cities


    Tele2 has launched LTE networks in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Karlskrona. The networks are the start of a rollout that will see 99% of Sweden’s population covered by LTE by the end of 2012, according to Tele2.

    “Today is a great day as we open the 4G network in the major cities of Sweden while the roll-out continues at a rapid pace all over the country. More and more people cut fixed telephony at home to become mobile. The same development will happen on the fixed broadband market with the 4G technology. Today we are proud to open the doors to what will be Sweden’s most comprehensive 4G network,” says Niclas Palmstierna, CEO of Tele2 Sweden.

    4G subscriptions are available from today in Tele2 stores and at

    Tele2 claims that some surveys have shown that one out of three Swedes and every third company will buy LTE within the
    next year.

    “Faster mobile connections allow our customers to do all the things they are used to doing via the fixed ADSL connection but through the 4G network,”comments Niclas Palmstierna.

    Tele2’s roll-out plan for January-March 2011:
    Gotland, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Knivsta, Lidingö, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Trelleborg, Uppsala, Vellinge.