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    Tele2 opens up Sweden to eSIM connectivity


    Tele2 Sweden has become the first operator in the market to offer eSIM connectivity for Windows 10 devices.

    Laptops and tablets running the operating system will now be able to connect to the internet anywhere with a mobile signal so long as they are equipped with an embedded eSIM.

    While it noted the “limited” availability of compatible laptops and tablets currently available in Swedish market, the operator said most future laptops and tablets would offer the connectivity. It said it expected to begin selling the first devices equipped with eSIMs during the second half of this year. 

    Joacim Rask, Head of Business Development at Tele2, said: “This is clearly the next step for a simpler and more connected life. eSIM makes it possible to connect your device to internet anywhere, without the hassle of having to bring additional equipment, tether using your mobile phone, or scout for a Wi-Fi zone.”

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    Rask said eSIM could ultimately remove the need for physical SIMs entirely and open up connectivity to other kinds of devices.

    He added: “The kinds of devices with internet connection increase every day. We already see connected cars, glasses, and even dog collars, but nearly everything will be part of the future connected society. Tele2 plays a part in this evolution, as this eSIM cooperation with Microsoft clearly exemplifies.”

    At Mobile World Congress this year, Deutsche Telekom launched an eSIM connectivity solution and management platform. Among its first customers was bike manufacturer Greyp Bikes, who used eSIMs to track a cyclist’s behaviour.