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    Telefónica Deutschland claims first dynamic 5G dual-band radio


    The operator’s 5G TechCity project in the north of Munich saw two locations, 5km apart, linked by dual-band 5G radio in mid-January.

    The link connects an eNodeB site to the core network, via systems on high roofs, at a height of about 40 meters.

    To achieve the transmission rate of 16Gbps, Telefónica Deutschland aggregates two parallel microwave frequencies, 18GHz and 80GHz. The transmission in the lower band, at 18GHz, primarily switches prioritised user data and voice, while the 80GHz band mostly transmits all the other data services.

    Dynamic duo

    However, the bandwidth is used dynamically so that when traffic on the 18GHz connection exceeds a certain limit, the system automatically uses the free capacity at 80GHz. This provides high capacity, but also high availability and reliability.

    The hardware used at the two sites is already deployed commercially, but the dynamic interconnection of the two frequency bands is new.

    “Our 5G-ready radio equipment installed in Munich enables the high-capacity connection of future mobile radio sites both in remote areas as well as in cases where a fiber optic installation is not economically feasible or simply impossible. So, this radio-based technology is a very good alternative, especially with regard to 5G,” explains Dr Anja Höhn, Director of the 5G TechCity project at Telefónica Deutschland.