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    Telefónica Europe appoints Chief Innovation Officer


    Telefónica today announced that Trevor Healy, currently CEO of Jajah, will step up to become Chairman of Jajah and take on the new responsibility of Chief Innovation Officer for Telefónica Europe.  Steve Alder, currently General Manager, UK and Group Devices for Telefónica Europe, will succeed Trevor as CEO of Jajah with effect from 1 March 2011.  Based in Silicon Valley, he will report to Trevor in his capacity as Chairman of Jajah as well as to Matthew Key, Chairman and CEO Telefónica Europe.

    Healy remains a member of the Telefónica Europe Board attending quarterly meetings and will stay closely involved in the ongoing success of Jajah.

    Since its purchase a year ago the Jajah business – based in Silicon Valley, California and Israel – has been successfully embraced by Telefónica.  Its expertise in voice-over IP has already been instrumental in the development and launch of  products for O2 and Movistar customers in Germany, the UK and Spain.  Further products and services will be launched in Latin America and Europe during 2011.