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    Telefónica Germany signs strategic partnership with Wipro to transform IT


    The two have agreed a five-year strategic contract to modernise its Business Support Systems (BSS).

    As part of a new, five-year strategic partnership, Wipro will work with Telefónica Germany (which operates under the O2 brand) and its wider ecosystem to transform its BSS and associated quality assurance to support better customer experience and growth in the B2B market.

    Shared risk

    This Radical IT Transformation (RAITT) programme brings the two together “to allow for risk-mitigated self-funded transformation that will benefit both companies”: Wipro will invest in developing a digital business support platform “that will fuel Telefónica Germany’s growth and provide the company with an outcome-based, committed plan,” Wipro said in a statement.
    The plan is that the RAITT programme will position the operator to launch a range of new offerings including 5G products and services, such as IoT connectivity and also lower the total cost of ownership.

    This is an unspecified “high value” and “first-of-its-kind engagement” for Wipro in telecoms.


    Thierry Delaporte, CEO and MD, Wipro Limited said, “This partnership builds on the bedrock of a 15-year relationship. It directly aligns us with Telefónica Germany’s growth, and is a great example of how we are building for long-term success in Europe by embracing a collaborative approach with local industry leaders.

    “I am also proud of the work ethic of both teams who made it possible to finalize this partnership during a global pandemic.”
    “We are pleased to partner with Wipro and benefit from its global experience. Our IT transformation project is a key milestone which will enable us to increase the reliability of our systems, improve customer satisfaction and accelerate innovation as we move towards achieving our goals for B2B customers and common services,” said Mallik Rao, CTIO, Telefónica Germany/O2.