HomeNewsTelefónica joins forces with Siemens in Spain to offer Industry 4.0 cybersecurity

    Telefónica joins forces with Siemens in Spain to offer Industry 4.0 cybersecurity


    They aim to guarantee the security of the facilities and communication networks in critical infrastructures, industry, and public and private organisations.

    The partners intend to provide integrated, end-to-end solutions for IT and operational technology – information and systems.

    Telefónica offers its capabilities as a managed security service provider (MSSP), where it is the market leader in Spain, as well as its extensive experience in the IT field to complement the design of the client’s security plan and act in the event that it is detect any vulnerability in the public and private spheres.

    Siemens Digital Industries brings to the sectors its experience and leadership in the OT world thanks to its advanced technologies in cybersecurity and industrial digital transformation.

    Growing problem

    Last year Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) managed more than 100,000 incidents related to cyberattacks.

    Siemens Digital Industries will contribute consulting and auditing technology and services incorporating digital products such as industrial network components for ​​controllers and display systems.

    It will also provide encrypted communication and backup of data and programs to make systems resilient.

    Telefónica has a portfolio of security services and extensive experience in IT to complement the design of each client’s security plan. Its monitoring of infrastructure means it can react in real-time to any vulnerabilities that are detected.