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    Telefónica-OneWeb to embed more links to Euro and Latino territories


    MOU for more hook-ups, wholesaling and hauling back

    Telefónica is teaming up with satellite service OneWeb’s to reach the darkest corners of its territories and hook up more customers, wholesale more accounts and haul back more stat from its masts. The extension of comprehensive coverage means mobile operators can provide the comms for future events and emergencies as they arise.

    In a statement it explained how the arrangement will be handled through Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS). So far TGS, which manages Telefónica’s wholesale, global roaming, multinationals and USA businesses, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with OneWeb to improve connectivity with Europe and Latin America. 

    The collaboration arrangement between OneWeb and TGS comes as the need to expand modern, digital infrastructure has become a priority for governments, businesses and communities across Europe and Latin America. “OneWeb’s unique network has a crucial role to play in providing connectivity for the hardest-to-reach areas globally,” said its CEO Neil Masterson.

    TGS will promote and supply OneWeb’s low latency cellular backhaul services to the 4G/5G sector. It will also provide backhaul backup for critical sites and plug capacity gaps for special events. Where backhaul does not exist, OneWeb’s service will expand Telefónica’s mobile and enterprise coverage.

    According to Telefónica there are many governments, telcos and Internet Service Providers in rural and remote parts of Europe and Latin America who could use Telefónica’s fibre network and OneWeb’s low-latency broadband service.

    “Partnering with OneWeb augments our portfolio by offering solutions that require with low latency systems,” said TGS CEO Julio Beamonte, “Our experience will be essential when adapting the OneWeb solution to provide corporate, B2B and cellular backhaul services and help fuel adoption of critical business applications in the hardest-to-connect areas. We are focused on helping our B2B and Wholesale customers to drive transformational change in their business, and we believe our partnership with OneWeb will help us do that.”