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    Telefónica puts finger on the (connected) button


    Telefónica’s R&D unit has launched a new “smart button” solution that can allow businesses to offer one-click services to customers.

    Based on the operator’s Thinking Things Open IoT platform, the button can be connected to a specific service or action – such as ordering a taxi – which is then activated with a single click.

    The button contains a global SIM card giving them worldwide compatibility, Telefonica said. As a result, they are completely independent from both smartphones and PCs and do not require an additional Wi-Fi connection.

    The button has been developed in association with international shipping company Seur and taxi service Cabify.

    Seur will pilot a “OneClick” solution in Madrid from September, allowing customers to generate package collection requests using the buttons.

    Meanwhile, Cabify will use the device to make ordering taxis easier for customers in South America. 

    Cabify users will also be able to choose the type of vehicle they want, print receipts and receive details of the car and driver assigned to collect them using Telefónica’s connected buttons, the operator claimed.

    Telefónica added that it intends to offer a white-label button based on Thinking Things further down the line, which it said will “allow a variety of enterprises to simply configure and customise the button to create experiences that meet the specific needs of all types of businesses and consumers”. 

    The device has similarities to Amazon’s Dash product, which launched earlier this year.

    Amazon Dash allows Amazon Prime customers to instantly order items from the company’s online store. Unlike Telefónica’s device, however, Dash requires a Wi-Fi connection.

    Earlier this month, it was revealed that Telefónica I+D was working with Samsung on a new IoT project based on the Spanish telco’s Thinking Things platform.