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    Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit expands Fortinent collaboration


    ElevenPaths will work with Fortinet to offer managed services for operational and IT security in the industrial sector.

    ElevenPaths, part of Telefónica Tech, and cybersecurity firm Fortinent, are expanding their collaboration to offer new, managed security services for industrial sector customers.

    They aim to provide advanced security for industrial customers’ operation technology (OT), information technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments.

    ElevenPaths will use Fortinet Security Fabric solutions for industrial controls systems to meet organisations’ what they describe as “the growing demand for managed security services to ensure OT and IT environment are protected and compliant”.

    Combined forces

    ElevenPaths will offer its customers Fortinet’s OT security solutions with threat protection for corporate IT environments that extend from the data centre to the cloud and network perimeter, combined with the reach and experience of Telefónica’s security professionals.

    “Many of our clients are undergoing digital transformations where OT and IoT technologies play a leading role. Although there are significant benefits to these technologies, they also introduce greater exposure to security risks that must be properly managed and addressed.

    “Fortinet’s technology is an integral part of our cybersecurity offerings and strategy to ensure we’re addressing our customers’ new and growing security risks,” said Alberto Sempere, Director of Product and Marketing at ElevenPaths.