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    Telefónica Tech and Grupo Álava offer predictive maintenance for industry


    Digital Nostradamus on edge foretells disasters, using LTE and 5G infrastructure, so they can be avoided.

    Telefónica Tech and Grupo Álava are collaborating on a predictive maintenance system for industry that promises to analyse data, spot problems and authorise timely interventions. 

    The digital Nostradamus is being fed with data on the most expensive machinery used in manufacturing and processing, such as rotary engines, reciprocating machinery and electrical transformers, in order to learn their nuances.

    Telefonica Tech says this ‘advanced data platform’ will then be used by its machine learning management systems to optimise the activity of their machines, coaxing the best performance out of powerloaders, directing an excavator and predicting when a weaving machine may be headed for a breakdown. 

    Nostradamus predicts Industry 4.0 

    The predictive maintenance programme will be orchestrated over Telefónica Tech’s LTE and 5G mobile networks, which will store and process all the intelligence gathered by sensors and monitoring systems locally, using Industrial Edge Computing technology.

    The network will need to cope with huge volumes of data created by various types of Artificial Intelligence (namely machine learning) and processed in Big Data analyses. Network slices will prioritise the more timely traffic, such as urgent instructions to machinery that needs to take instant action.

    See demo at Telefónica’s innovation centre

    The complexities are being tackled by developers from Telefónica Tech and Grupo Álava, whose demo is currently available at the Telefónica District Innovation Centre in Madrid.

    The formal agreement on collaboration with Grupo Álava will help Telefónica Tech to use 5G, IoT, Edge Computing and Big Data technologies to orchestrate more sustainable and resilient industrial activity, said Andrés Escribano, Director of New Business and Industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech.

    The upshot of predictive maintenance will be lower costs, less waste and better product quality, said Yago Sanchez, Director of Alliances at Grupo Álava.