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    MWC: Telekom Austria launches Europe’s first LTE smart meter


    Telekom Austria has launched Europe’s first LTE-based smart meter in its home market. 

    The Österreich Zähler smart meter solution was built by Kaifa and ZTE and offers connectivity across 2G (1800MHz and 900MHz) and 4G (2.6GHz and 800MHz). The boxes are available from today and the operator claimed it has future-proofed the technology for changing standards.

    Telekom Austria said by using 800MHz it would be able to punch into basements and communicate with energy meters located there. It added the meters could also help form the basis of a future smart grid, given its high bandwidth and low latency capabilities.

    The operator said the meters increase energy efficiency by up to 60 percent compared to the traditional Ferraris meters.

    Bernd Liebscher, Managing Director Telekom Austria Group M2M, commented: “Smart meters based on wireless technology do not need any additional infrastructure and are therefore the ideal solution for a targeted rollout across the country. With the LTE/4G communication module, we are able to increase the reach of smart meters, to include previously difficult locations. Combined with the company’s high-security M2M communications services based on Austria’s best network, ‘Österreich Zähler’ offers a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof solution for domestic power grid operators.”

    Since 2011, the Austrian government has changed the framework for the energy sector, requiring that 95 percent of existing meters be replaced by smart infrastructure by 2019.

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