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    Telenet names Ericsson, Nokia and Google Cloud as 5G partners


    The Belgian operator’s deployment combines ‘traditional’ operators with cloud hyperscaler.

    After a procurement process that started early in 2020, Telenet which operates under the BASE brand, has chosen its 5G deployment partners.

    Telenet said in a statement, 5G “will gradually offer more capacity, stability and innovative applications for consumers, authorities, and businesses. 5G will create new perspectives for various sectors, such as medical care, smart cities, logistics, the growth of [IoT] or further developments in augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR).”

    Extending Ericsson

    Ericsson already operate Telenet’s mobile network and the partnership now includes 5G RAN technology – hardware and software – and “will also provide Telenet with the necessary solutions for all future 5G developments”.

    Nokia will provide the core network to support ultra-fast response times for critical applications and reserved capacity for specific services.

    Cloud play

    Telenet and Nokia will rely on Google Cloud, or more precisely Anthos, in the operator’s data centres.

    Google Cloud’s Anthos for Telecom allows operators to run Nokia’s core equipment – and other applications that formerly had to be integrated into the network via physical hardware – via cloud-native services.

    The Anthos platform will also provide the infrastructure, solutions and applications for 5G use cases.

    Technological evolution

    Micha Berger, CTIO at Telenet (pictured – and winner of last year’s Trailblazer CTO of the Year) said, “We are on the eve of a next step in our technological evolution.

    “5G is so much more than a radio technology system: it is the engine for innovation and opportunities for other ways of working, automation and analysis.

    “But as with any next generation it all starts with developing a high-performance network. Choosing the right suppliers and partners is crucial. I am therefore pleased to be able to partner with Ericsson, Nokia and Google Cloud to roll out a future-proof mobile network in Belgium that will provide all our residential and professional customers with the best possible user experience, be it via 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G.

    “This partnership and cooperation between parties is unique and will keep us at the heart of innovation with cutting edge technology.”