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    Telenor Connexion launches ‘connected toolshed’


    Telenor Connexion is powering a pay-per-use “connected toolshed” that gives gardeners access to tools on a temporary basis.

    A pilot for the project will be held in Stockholm from 1 May until the end of October. 

    The M2M provider is working with gardening tools company Husqvarna to power its “Battery Box”, an unattended container with 30 lockers storing 30 garden care products.

    Homeowners can reserve tools, pay for their rental and open the locker holding their pre-ordered tool through an iPhone app. They can rent garden care products for SEK350 per day (€35).

    Telenor Connexion has provided the communication and cloud solution and is working with other digital players for the locker. Flex has built the connected box, HiQ the app and Zuora the subscription payment process. The operator did not specify exactly what kind of connectivity it is using on the pilot.

    Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor Connexion, said: “We are delighted to be part of this innovative and exciting project. For Telenor Connexion the Husqvarna Battery Box is a perfect project to apply our partner ecosystem catered for businesses that want to take on the digital transformation journey. This demonstrates our strength as an enabler of a true end-to-end solution including everything from security to hardware and direct payment from end customers.”

    Pavel Hajman, President of the Husqvarna division, added: “People are already sharing homes and cars. To share products that are only used occasionally, like a hedge-trimmer, makes a lot of sense for some users. Husqvarna Battery Box is proof of our commitment to explore new solutions that merge innovation and sustainability, benefitting the homeowner, the community and our distribution network.”

    Earlier this month, Telenor launched a new IoT platform in an attempt to further boost innovation for customers in Norway.