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    Telenor sees most value in enterprise IoT data


    Telenor Connexion says enterprise IoT data will generate more value than consumer data, due to privacy issues with the latter.

    Telenor’s IoT subsidiary made the claim in a new IoT trend prediction report, which it created with consultancy firm Northstream.

    “In contrast, enterprises which deploy connected devices and products have an advantage when it comes to turning data into revenue,” the report says, adding, “Aggregated, non-personal data coming from “things” in the IoT will be the “hotbed” of the emerging data trading industry.”

    Telenor and Northstream also think the IoT is going to get easier. They say that early IoT adopters have done the groundwork of integrating disparate systems and standards, meaning IoT newcomers will “leap” over the complexity that first movers experienced and develop IoT solutions in a shorter amount of time and at a much lower cost than previously possible.

    Connectivity at the centre

    Connectivity is expected to be at the centre of digital product innovation but Telenor is concerned that right now, connectivity is still too often considered as an afterthought rather than at the beginning of the design process. Further, Telenor predicts that managed connectivity will become much more important as reliability and security move further up the agenda.

    Telenor pinpoints e-commerce as one of the big winners with IoT, particularly given that mobile connectivity creates a link to the logistics industry, facilitating real-time parcel tracking and fulfilment centre optimisation.

    “Increased integration of connectivity and logistics, combined with other technologies such as AI, will continue to bring highly advanced products and services to the logistics field,” Telenor says.

    Finding the value

    Mats Lundquist, CEO at Telenor Connexion, said: “Beyond simply connecting products, Telenor Connexion is dedicated to helping our customers identify the business value in connectivity. This report is part of that commitment, designed to help enterprises find their way in an evolving business landscape.”

    The full report is available here.