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    Telia Carrier chooses’s DID inventory Management


    Plan is to simplify and optimise how the carrier provides global numbers via the direct inward dialling (DID) platform.

    Telia Carrier has’s  direct inward dialling (DID) inventory management platform to automate how numbers are provisioned and simplify number management. 

    Serving customers in more than 125 countries, Telia Carrier’s global fibre network spans 70,000 km across Europe, North America and Asia. In June 2021, Telia Company completed the divestment of its international subsidiary, Telia Carrier to an infrastructure investor.
    Telia Carrier accesses its global number inventory on-demand via an online portal, eliminating manual and offline number management, to serve customers more cheaply and faster.

    Bring your own says its API-enabled platform is suited to Bring Your Own Operator (BYOO) or communications platform as a service (CPaaS) models that require numbers for enterprise customers across multiple markets.

    By partnering, Telia Carrier has on-demand revenue, along with control, visibility and analytics: the platform provides Dynamic Provider Status, so Telia Carrier can see the available number inventory from across partners in real-time.

    Telephone numbers remain central to the delivery of conference calling and CPaaS solutions, and the growth of CPaaS has made it essential to automate and accelerate how we manage and deliver numbers,” said Mikael Uggla, Head of Sales for Voice and Messaging at Telia Carrier.

    “With the global demand for telephone numbers increasing, monetising and managing numbers needs to be simple, efficient and agile. Customers should be able to access numbers where and when they need them,” said Neil Kitcher, CEO and Founder at