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    Telia demonstrates payment via facial recognition over 5G


    Telia and Finnish OP bank are showing how 5G can support facial recognition-based payments.

    They are showcasing the technology at an ice cream truck on Telia’s site in Vallila, Finland. Customers buying ice cream will make payments with their face using the Pivo face payment solution and Telia’s 5G technology.

    Pivo Face Payment allows users to stand in front of a tablet and tap to make a payment without the need for a credit card, cash or mobile phone.

    “A window to the future”

    The technology works by identifying the customer with biometric facial recognition. The technology compares the customer’s face with the biometric template uploaded through a camera, the customer accepts the payment using pre-saved credit card details and the transaction is completed.

    ”Facial payment is a good example of a service that benefits from the capacity increase and lower latency of 5G. 5G will also take the security of mobile connections to the next level, which is interesting for example, for payment and other financial services,” said Janne Koistinen, head of Telia Finland’s 5G programme.

    Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab, added, ”Besides security, a smooth user experience is important for customers. 5G makes the service faster and is, therefore, the perfect partner for Pivo Face Payment. We believe that the trial with Telia opens a new window to the future.”