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    TeliaSonera extends fish-based data roaming tariff


    Capped data roaming index-linked to fast food trade

    TeliaSonera Sweden has extended to 25 countries a data roaming plan that gives users up to 20Mb data usage a day for just over €5. The operator has extended its Surf Abroad tariff, previously available for subscribers roaming in the Nordic and Baltic countries, to the rest of the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

    Ulrika Steg, Head of Mobility Services at TeliaSonera Sweden, said, “It is important that our customers can continue to use their mobile phones abroad at affordable prices.”

    Customers can opt in for the tariff, and will receive a warning SMS when they are approaching their daily data limit.

    The offer is similar to Vodafone’s Data Traveller plan, although Vodafone offers its UK users 25MB of data for just £2 (€2.27) a day.

    Telia is marketing the data roaming deal in a way it hopes will appeal to customers, by aligning data usage to other purchases of local goods subscribers may make on holiday. It claims an hour of “surfing Facebook with the mobile” is equivalent to about €1.40, “ie. not more than the price of a light snack, such as tapas, bratwurst or half fish’n’chips.”

    Telia may just be guilty of overstating the buying power of its €1.40: there may be a place in the UK where you can buy a whole fish and chips for €2.80 but not, Mobile Europe suspects, unless you are also in possession of a time machine.


    (Picture credit: Charles Haynes)