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    Telit, Telenor and Allianz develop “network friendly mode” for IoT


    Telit, Telenor Connexion and Allianz Telematics have implemented a “network friendly mode” for the Internet of Things to help ensure optimal performance of connected devices.

    The solution has been developed in accordance with GSMA’s “IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines”, which outlines how mobile networks should be optimised for IoT applications. It has already been verified in Ericsson’s Radio Testing Lab.

    The GSMA’s guidelines, published in October last year, detail how IoT should be implemented across mobile networks in order to allow devices to communicate in the most data-efficient and “intelligent” way. It also aims to ensure networks are able to accommodate the influx of connected devices.

    Felix Marchal, Telit’s Chief Product Offer, said the new algorithm was “critical to the future growth of the M2M/IoT market.”

    Meanwhile, Allianz revealed it had already adopted the GSMA’s guidelines for its usage-based insurance technology for connected vehicles.

    Stephen Bryant, CTO of Telenor Connexion, said: “We have been thrilled to work with Telit and Allianz Telematics to implement and verify GSMA’s ‘IoT Connection Efficiency Guidelines’.

    “Telit has worked expeditiously to support the GSMA guidelines [and] Allianz Telematics has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering a reliable and resilient user experience to their customers in leading the adoption of these guidelines.”

    Telenor Connexion said it expected the number of connected devices to hit 50 billion by 2020, throwing yet another prediction into the IoT debate.

    In November, research group IDC said there would be 30 billion connected devices by 2020, meanwhile Huawei puts the number at 100 billion.

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