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    Telmap adds Tweets to street deets


    Telmap, a company that provides mobile location and navigation solutions, has made available a location-aware Twitter Widget as part of its mobile search, mapping and navigation solution.

    The widget shows Telmap users public tweets, and tweets by people they follow, that have a nearby location attached to them. Users need to choose the Twitter Widget from the Widgets Carousel, and all relevant nearby tweets will be presented on the map. Users will be able to select a specific tweet, view and reply to it, as well as navigate to the location attached to it. In addition, when searching for a specific location or point of interest, users can view tweets around that specific location.

    Ronen Soffer, Chief Technology Officer, said that Telmap is not trying to compete with any of the other social networking or check-in (FourSquare) services; rather it would look to implement those elements within the Telmap application – adding their content to the user’s experience of a location.
    As Telmap support many mobile operators in their location services strategies, the widget gives operators a way to add another layer of information to their location services.
    “We see the widget acting to enhance the location and navigation app with information and content from users’ own social networks, and from other location enabled sources. This provides better content exploration as well as higher level of trust and comfort in the service,” he said.