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    Tieto touts 4G/LTE routing as data set to soar by 4000 percent


    Tieto has launches a new 4G/LTE Diameter routing and interworking solution to help mobile network operators manage the vast amounts of data traffic expected over the coming years.

    According to the company, the carrier cloud enabled Diameter Signaling Controller includes the Diameter Mediation Gateway that has an adjustable capacity needed for growing data volumes.

    Tieto confirmed that their new Diameter Mediation Gateway would enable interworking with existing legacy networks and nodes.

    The 4G/LTE Diameter routing and interworking solution includes Diameter Mediation Gateway is an add-on to the current Tieto Diameter Signaling Controller currently on the market. The Diameter Mediation Gateway enables mobile network equipment providers to solve issues in 4G/LTE mobile networks to secure anticipated huge increase in wireless data capacity. Tieto confirmed that the new combined solution is fully Carrier Cloud enabled and can be deployed on virtualized platforms.

    According to Tieto’s figures, mobile data volumes for mobile applications are expected to grow 4000 percent by 2020. 

    However, Tieto said its Diameter Signaling Controller provides a flexible, robust and secure solution for reducing the overall signaling load and simplifies network configuration scenarios in 4G/LTE network rollouts. The Diameter Signaling Controller also secures efficient intra-network connectivity.

    With the massive growth of data volumes, attributed to extensive use of smartphones and tablet devices, Tieto stated that there was going to be “a challenge for operators” to handle this increase signaling traffic as a consequence of what it called “the staggering data volumes” that would arise.

    The company said that current IP-based infrastructure was not built to handle the increased 4G/LTE Diameter signaling traffic securely and, therefore, Diameter would be a “key signaling protocol” in 4G/LTE networks.