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    TIP Academy launches first O-RAN training courses


    B2B learning service teaches the positive side of disaggregation

    The Telecom Infrastructure project (TIP) has announced that the first curriculum on the platform is to be centred on O-RAN. The complete curriculum will include more than 20 modules, starting from the fundamentals to more advanced topics, such as O-RAN System Integration or TCO and Business Evolution. These are designed to be self-sufficient content blocks that are reused and mixed.

    VodafoneAccenture, and Deutsche Telekom have signed up to be charter clients of the Academy.

    Students of O-RAN can see educational material through an interactive, multimedia e-learning platform. They can follow through a curriculum, alone or in groups, with self-assessments and tests incorporated to support the learning. Isn’t comms equipment testing a subject that can only be learned through physical encounters and the lived experience? 

    All the self-learning assets are designed to match competencies and learning objectives, from beginners to architects. At the end of a curriculum, students of O-RAN will receive a TIP Academy certificate. How much competency does this testify to? Will a certificate holder be verified as a trusted authority on Open RAN?

    The training courses are a recognition of the need for an industry-led, operator and vendor neutral training service designed to train telecoms workers to participate in, or lead on, the solution, design, development, testing and deployment of disaggregated networks.

    The courses comprise case studies and online events that allow the members of the TIP Academy community to learn from the real-world. Among the experiences shared are insights from tests in TIP Community Labs and pilot trials. These lessons can then hopefully be applied by students to situations within their own respective organizations, according to TIP.

    In the near future, TIP intends to list those organisations with employees who have successfully completed training and received TIP Academy certificates, onto the TIP Exchange portal. This operates as a centralised market where information about validated network systems and services is published. These testimonies are based on previous work on integration testing and accreditation. How closely scrutinised will the IP Academy Certificate be? Mobile Europe welcomes all feedback.