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    Tiscali partners with ZTE to develop IMS network in Italy


    ZTE, a global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has announced the signing of an agreement with Tiscali for the development of an IMS network, a platform that can improve the multimedia functionalities of IP services and is compliant with every network technology. ZTE and Tiscali plan to launch  the first three commercial sites in Cagliari, Roma and Milano by the end of May and the migration of Tiscali subscribers to the new IMS platform by the end of the year.

    ZTE will install a single platform in place of the two platforms currently utilised by Tiscali. By implementing the ZTE solution, Tiscali will make its network management easier and more efficient, reducing energy consumption and optimising operational costs.

    “We are glad to build our partnership with ZTE by choosing the IMS platform,” said Luca Scano, Tiscali General Director. “With the introduction of this unique platform, we will manage to optimise time, resources and results on all our IP communications services, from mobile and fixed phone calls to internet access, from social networks to email, giving our customers a big advantage in terms of price and quality of service. Again, our strategic orientation is towards fixed-mobile convergence and this leads us to choose solutions which make communication freedom the focus of our products,” said Scano.

    “With the transition to multimedia services and an all-IP network, operators can go beyond the concept of providing users with simple network supply, thus increasing their control over the services. The introduction of IMS technology offers operators the power and flexibility to provide customers with a complete range of services, keeping an advanced position compared to traditional operators or to internet service providers,” commented Jeffrey Fan, General Manager of ZTE Italy. “Our strong commitment to innovation and our constant investment in research and development show that ZTE is in the forefront of the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. It is an honour to widen our partnership with Tiscali and to demonstrate to the Italian market the advantages that ZTE’s technological know-how can bring.”

    The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is built on IP-CAN (IP Connectivity Access Network), a 3GPP technology architecture, which is considered an ideal network architecture, as well as being a key medium for fixed-mobile convergence. The intent of IP-CAN is to bring the traditional telecom model to IP networks, making it chargeable, controllable and manageable. As one of the few suppliers that have the ability to provide an end-to-end solution, ZTE sets great emphasis on IMS technology and has adopted the IMS system solution as a strategic next generation product.