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    Trade union representing DT employees want 12% rise


    The Union argues that the German operator’s 70,000 strong workforce should benefit by at least €400 per month

    Verdi, the trade union representing Telekom Deutschland’s 70,000 employees, is preparing to ask for a 12% rise according to a report in Welt [translated from the German]. Verdi’s (for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft which translates as the United Services Trade Union) decision was taken last Friday by the Union’s collective bargaining committee.

    The collective bargaining begins on 19 March and the agreement will last 12 months. Verdi justified the demand citing inflation and staff shortages.

    Verdi referred to the operator’s consolidated net income of €17.8 billion for 2023. The union’s chief negotiator, Frank Sauerland, said “Now it is time to give the employees participation and appreciation for these good results. They have earned it.”

    The Telekom Group – the name of Deutsche Telekom’s opco within Germany – consists of 22 companies, defined by collective agreement. Each has its own collective agreement. All bar three end on 31 March. Verdi is now arguing that that the collective bargaining for all group companies to be conducted together.

    Verdi represents 1.9 million service workers across a range of industries and welcomed 193,000 new members in 2023 – a nett gain of 40,000 and with rising interest from younger people.

    Germany has suffered a wave of strikes since the start of the year because, for example, Verdi is calling for similar or higher increases in pay and improved working conditions for the 90,000 public transport and 25,000 aviation workers it represents