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    Upstream claims it can instantly monetise 5G for mobile operators


    Cookie killer could be the new generation’s SMS

    Mobile marketing technology specialist Upstream has claimed it can help Europe’s mobile network operators scoop more of the advertising revenue streams that are dominated by Facebook and Google. It claims it can be the simple but effective money maker that SMS text messaging was for previous generations of network operator.

    Upstream’s invention Mobile Identity instantly recognises the mobile phone number of a user visiting a website and automatically fills their details with their consent. Upstream claims, in a report, that Mobile Identity helps brands to build-up their Customer Relationship Management database. Apparently it gets results because figures suggest this method is capable of at least a tenfold increase in opt-in sales conversions. Upstream’s white paper claims it can identify up to 85% of a website’s visitors allowing for accurate and efficient mobile marketing in a fully private and compliant way. 

    The identification of users takes place over the mobile network, using the mobile phone number, the MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number), as a unique identifier. This takes place instantly and the user just needs to consent via a simple tick box. The system is designed to work on any browser, website or application as well as new mobile implementations, 5G rollouts and new web features. Mobile Identity is part of Upstream’s mobile marketing automation platform, Grow.

    The digital advertising industry needs new identification methods because the use of third-party cookies is about to be outlawed. Meanwhile the Mobile Identity technology relies on partnerships with mobile network operators, according to Kostas Kastanis, Upstream Deputy CEO. This creates an opportunity for telcos to improve their own security, user experience and marketing efforts. They can easily ‘monetise’ it too by providing it to third parties, since Upstream’s system is software based and needs minimal integration.

    “We identify users on the open web and transfer the interaction to the mobile messaging world,” said Kostas Kastanis, Upstream Deputy CEO. Text messaging was proved to be daddy all messaging channels with a penetration and response level that no other medium came close to matching. “Given the increasing popularity of channels like RCS, Whatsapp and Viber with all their digital potential they give to mobile messaging you can easily understand why companies will want to reach their customers through their mobile with conversational marketing,” said Kastanis.