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    Vantage Towers invests in wind power from green energy start up Mowea


    Mighty towers, tiny turbines, smalls bills and a Net Zero target

    Vantage Towers has commissioned Berlin-based wind energy start-up Mowea to install 752 micro wind turbines on 52 of its towers in Germany in a bid to generate 650 MWh per annum. 

    Under average wind conditions, these turbines are capable of cutting grid consumption and electricity bills at each of the Vantage Towers sites by two-thirds. That would save 239 tonnes of CO2 being emitted by a power station burning fossil fuels. 

    The wind energy generated by the turbines is used to run the comms equipment of Vodafone, Vantage Towers’ largest customer, which in turn helps the telco meet its green targets. Installation of the Mowea micro wind turbines is scheduled for the second half of the year, if planning consent is granted.

    Work in progress

    Mowea claims its wind energy systems are modular and flexible enough to adapt to meet any energy challenge. It uses standardised wind turbines with communication interfaces for smart remote maintenance and control. An algorithm monitors and maximises performance with connectivity to standard battery and energy management systems. There are integrated brakes for higher levels of safety.

    After the initial installation in December 2019, Mowea’s technology has been a work in progress, with adjustments made by Vantage Towers and the engineers from the University of Applied Sciences. Their work is to fine tune the systems in order to overcome a number of technical challenges associated with the integration of wind energy systems and towers. Mobile Europe has asked them to elaborate on these technical challenges.

    Slashes power bills by two thirds

    “We are very excited about the strategic partnership with Mowea because it enables us to generate cost-efficient and maintenance-friendly renewable energy at selected sites with their wind turbines,” said Vantage Towers CEO Vivek Badrinath. “We have more than 82,000 towers in Europe. If the pilot project is a success, there is clear potential for the future expansion of the partnership.”

    Dr Till Naumann, CEO of Mowea, promised to keep the supply of wind energy flexible so that more industrial users can adapt the systems to their circumstances. “This collaboration is a fantastic example of a partnership between an established players and a startup in the battle to prevent climate change,” said Naumann.

    Mini turbines can get everywhere 

    Mowea’s mini turbines have crucial advantages for energy transformation because their modular design makes them adaptable in a way that traditional turbines were not. Local councils and building authorities are more likely to approve them, which is good in urban areas. The fact they operate independently of conventional energy sources, makes them suitable for remote locations. Unlike solar panels, the wind turbines generate power at night, so they can be used in conjunction with photovoltaic systems, said Naumann.

    Vodafone meeting is targets

    Vantage Towers clams its partnership with Mowea is enabling Vodafone to achieve its objectives of a 50 percent reduction in emissions by 2025 and climate neutrality by 2040. The towerco says its infrastructure is now powered entirely from renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydro power. It has already installed solar panels at 90 sites and, if the test phase is successful, further solar panels will be installed at other sites.