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    Video: Telenor Norway CTO Frode Støldal on 4G LTE


    Telenor Norway CTO Frode Støldal discusses how the operator changed its 4G LTE plans because of Apple, the challenges of rolling out LTE in rural regions and the future of its 3G network in the second part of an exclusive video interview.

    The CTO gave his thoughts to Mobile Europe Editor Graeme Neill at this month’s Small Cells World Summit in London.

    Støldal said: “Being an incumbent with 150 years of history in this industry, we can utilise part of our fixed infrastructure to build backhaul to mobile base stations and to then deploy 4G LTE out to rural areas.”

    In the first video interview, Støldal discussed the operator’s use of small cell technology in its home market. Click here to watch the video.

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