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    Vodafone expands Economy of Things ecosystem for cargo logistics


    Operator’s JV Pairpoint is teaming up with Deloitte and Nexxiot to hasten the clearance of freight through customs and port authorities

    Pairpoint has teamed up with Deloitte and asset management company Nexxiot. Collectively, they plan to provide digital services to improve global supply chain ops, combining expertise, services and solutions to boost the global efficiency and security in logistics. 

    These services are timely as increasingly port authorities around the world will only accept shipping containers with complete audit trails. Not having to open containers to check their contents and a more efficient, universal means of reporting should speed the movement of cargo through customs and port authorities’ control.

    Partnerships are the key

    Pairpoint is the new brand for the company set up by Vodafone Group and Sumitomo Corporation in May this year, which was formerly known as Digital Asset Broker. It was established to address what the partners call the Economy of Things. Vodafone Group contributed its Digital Asset Broker (DAB) platform to the venture, which it launched at MWC 2022.

    The platform is blockchain-based and designed to enable businesses to manage their digital assets, such as contracts, licenses and intellectual property, through a single platform.

    Vodafone Group also contributed intellectual property, contracts, technology and software to the new business with Sumitomo whose role is to invest in new business and work with Vodafone to attract additional investors, partners, and customers.

    The extended partnership with Deloitte and Nexxiott intends to automatically verify source data about the movement and content of cargo around the world. This should allow companies to improve freight handling and comply with global and local trade laws.

    Complementary contributions

    Their service will combine solutions from Pairpoint, Deloitte and Nexxiott. The DAB helps companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements through audits, routes and content inventories of shipping containers. It reports on relevant parts of supply chains to ensure the integrity of shipments and related records.

    The DAB is intended to promote the digital transformation and automation of processes within the supply chain. Containers will be connected via sensors as part of Nexiott’s freight solutions.

    Deloitte’s contribution is Know Your Client and Know Your Cargo services (KYX services) which supports the autonomous collection of data about assets and optimises the costs in moving freight, including shipping containers and containers moved by rail.

    No additional risk

    CEO of Pairpoint, Jorge Bento, said, “Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of maritime logistics and streamline goods clearing customs and ports without introducing additional risk.”

    “We are dedicated to establishing ‘Green Lanes’ to minimise disruptions for cargo in global transit,” added Helena Lisachuk, Global IoT Lead at Deloitte. “Achieving this requires close collaboration with port authorities and engagement with global and regional justice organisations.

    “Applying Nexxiot’s and PairPoint’s technology and knowledge to enable real-time monitoring and door-related event tracking, along with Deloitte’s expertise offers new mechanisms to monitor data integrity during cargo movements.”