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    Vodafone, Intel extend Open RAN R&D to commercialise 5G


    The two have stepped up with work on AI algorithms at Vodafone’s innovation centre in Spain, working with the Telecommunication Institute of University of Málaga

    Vodafone is extending its collaboration with Intel on optimising algorithms for 5G Open RAN at the operator’s innovation centre in Málaga, Spain. The aim is to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

    They work alongside the Telecommunication Institute of University of Málaga to improve Open RAN architecture and expand the emerging ecosystem. 

    The three are working towards Vodafone’s planned UK commercial deployment of fourth generation Intel Xeon processors with Intel vRAN Boost in the first half of this year.

    Their most recent focus has been developing “ultra-efficient” AI and machine learning algorithms for massive MIMO deployments. The intention is to integrate them into test silicon produced by Intel and establish new benchmarks for industrial internet applications. 

    Across the entire footprint

    Vodafone plans to embed such algorithms and technologies the footprint of its entire mobile network, including the core, edge, access and radio, The idea is that it will then be ready to meet future demand and provide new, 5G-based service like network slicing.

    Vodafone claims in a press statement, this “will represent a step change in computation without the need for multiple chipsets in radio units. This will give Vodafone the necessary processing power to continually improve speeds and capacity for customers for years to come, while delivering critical services when and where they are needed.”

    Santiago Tenorio, Vodafone’s Director of Network Architecture, said, “Open RAN has opened the doors to unforeseen benefits through greater disaggregation. Vodafone and its partners are now focused on realising this potential to reduce costs and improve energy savings while enhancing performance for our customers.”