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    Vodafone Ireland seeks to protect businesses through SIM solution


    Vodafone Ireland is launching a SIM-based security solution for its enterprise customers that blocks malicious sites before they are accessed.

    The operator is working with Asavie to offer the enterprise and IoT vendor’s VDC security solution. Other features of VDC include the ability for administrators to run the solution if the SIM card is removed and inserted into another handset as well as the means to view data consumption through an associated app.

    Companies can physically protect their employees’ devices through password, lock, locate and wipe features.

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    An Asavie spokesperson said this will help enterprises comply with forthcoming Global Data Protection Regulation rules by securing data on any device.

    Additionally, businesses can track and control their employees’ data consumption.

    Paula Corcoran, Product Manager for IoT and Mobility Solutions, Vodafone Ireland, said: “We are delighted to partner with Asavie to deliver a multi-faceted mobile security and data management solution to the Irish SME market.

    “Until recently there has been no easy to use, all-in-one solution to protect how devices consume mobile data.

    “VDC now addresses this issue by offering sophisticated tools to help businesses comply with the latest regulations.”

    VDC is built on Asavie Moda, a cloud-based solution that allows employees to work securely across any device.

    Last month, Vodafone Germany announced it was joining its rivals in rolling out a GSMA solution that allows consumers to log into sites by using their phone number.

    In November, Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao warned of a real and increasing cybersecurity risk across all aspects of the connected world.