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    Telia and Ericsson power AR through 5G in Stockholm trial


    Telia has teamed up with Ericsson and Intel to showcase the use of 5G to deliver augmented reality.

    At the demo in Stockholm, an audience of 800 people were able to use the technology to virtually examine objects such as furniture and inspect piping infrastructure which was hidden behind a wall.

    The trial focused on showing the low latency and high data rates of 5G.

    The companies used Telia’s network along with Ericsson’s 5G trial system and Intel’s 5G endpoint solution. The augmented reality application was developed by Telia partner IX.

    According to the operator the trial was aimed at “informing and inspiring customers to drive and develop their businesses in a smart and connected world”.

    Per Narvinger, Head of Ericsson Northern and Central Europe, said: “5G use cases are moving from the realms of the imagination to the realms of reality.

    “Service providers, enterprises, and society all stand to gain from 5G use cases, and we are seeing a lot of engagement on this.

    “This is another important step in our continued 5G collaboration with Telia. From deploying the first public 5G live network use cases in Europe in September 2017 to showing concrete 5G-enabled augmented reality use cases today. We will sustain this momentum until 5G becomes a fact for enterprises and consumers.”

    Telia and Ericsson plan to provide 5G in Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki this year as part of a plan agreed in 2016.

    In September, the three companies trialled pre-standard 5G in Tallinn, with one test using a 5G connection to provide a Wi-Fi network on a commercial cruise ship based in the city’s harbour and another showing how a construction team could operate an excavator from a distance via a 5G-connected AR headset and remote control.