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    Vodafone lends digital transformation know-how to MTS


    Vodafone is to help MTS with its digital transformation strategy after the Russian operator extended its strategic partnership with the UK telco.

    Both operators have been working together for 10 years, cooperating in procurement, technology and marketing. Under the new agreement, which extends the partnership until 2020, Vodafone will also provide examples of how to digitally transformation internal technology, business and organisational processes.

    Alexander Gorbunov, Vice President, Strategy and Development, MTS, said: “Our strategic partnership with Vodafone has proved to be very efficient – it helped us to save a considerable amount of time and resources when building networks and launching new products, ultimately strengthening MTS’ position in our markets.

    “At the current technological stage, this new step in our cooperation opens for MTS a way to accelerate our digital transformation as well as to improve our business efficiency both quantitatively and qualitatively through access to Vodafone’s expertise and know-how.”

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    Diego Massidda, Chief Executive of Partner Markets, Vodafone, added: “Our cooperation with MTS is not only a mutually beneficial strategic partnership, but also a good example of how shared best practice can improve the experiences of both companies’ consumer and enterprise customers through implementation of up-to-date digital technologies.”

    Since 2008, Vodafone has provided MTS with access to its product portfolio and marketing research, as well as given advice on how to best extend its network across Russia. It also helps MTS with purchasing software and IT equipment.