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    Vodafone Netherlands dashes to deploy Ericsson Dot


    Vodafone Netherlands has become the first operator to deploy Ericsson’s Radio Dot system, rolling out the small cell solution at Radboud University.

    The operator and Ericsson signed a deal at this year’s Mobile World Congress to work together on in-building solutions. Both companies made the first live call over the Dot system in October this year.

    Ericsson launched the Dot in September 2013. It offers the same features as its macro base-stations, such as carrier aggregation and Combined Cell for WCDMA and LTE.

    The system can also be rolled out alongside the vendor’s carrier Wi-Fi products, allowing operators to use Ericsson’s Real-Time Traffic Steering to drive network usage.

    Vodafone said the Dot system would be an “integral” part of its enterprise portfolio in future. Mallik Rao, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Netherlands, commented: “Enterprise customers are an important part of our business and addressing their need for fast and reliable indoor mobile connectivity is high on our agenda. The Ericsson Radio Dot System is an efficient way of enhancing our indoor coverage and capacity.”

    Arun Bansal, VP and Head of Business Unit Radio, Ericsson, added: “As a strategic network supplier to Vodafone, Ericsson is delivering on our promise to work closely with Vodafone to expand their opportunities in the enterprise market with the Ericsson Radio Dot System.

    “The system is a key differentiator of Ericsson’s Mobile Enterprise strategy to empower mobile and converged operators to deliver integrated cloud, connectivity and communications as-a-service to their enterprise customers.”

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