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    Vodafone cuts German headcount by 6% in savings drive


    Last November, the Vodafone Group set a goal of saving €1 billion over three years

    Vodafone Germany is to cut 1,300 jobs, but add another 400 in different roles, so the net loss is 900 or just over 6% of its total workforce in its biggest European market.

    The job losses will be made over the coming year, and, according to this brief announcement [in German], the 1,300 positions that to be cut are in management and other functions that are not customer-facing.

    The 400 positions that will be added are all directly customer related.

    Earlier this month, it was reported that Vodafone Italy is cut about 1,000 jobs or 17% of its workforce.

    Its first half earnings, reported last November, showed Vodafone had performed poorly in Germany, Spain and Italy, with the UK the only bright spot. Group adjusted earnings were down €2.6 billion for first half of financial year, and shortly afterwards, the Group CEO, Nick Read stepped down.