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    Vodafone’s African virtuosos showing the art in smart phone


    Digital transformation doesn’t have to sound ugly

    Vodafone has teamed up with four African artists from the some of the countries most affected by the digital divide – Ghana, Kenya and South Africa – to create artwork that illustrates how smartphones have transformed African society, and why access to them is crucial for creating a fairer and more sustainable future. 

    “By using the influence of art, we hope to get people talking about the growing digital divide so that we can work together to close the gap,” said Vodafone, in a statement, “everyone deserves access to safe and reliable connectivity.”

    The art work above is by Jebet Naava, a digital artist and photographer from Kenya. Naava’s piece aims to reflect the energy and confidence that we can give to each other through social media. Giving us a space to share our talents and stories, we now have an opportunity to impact the lives of one another. Inspired by her own journey, Jebet’s art shows a woman from Africa with a smartphone as her face, says Vodafone. The various symbols show how smartphones allow us to see and connect with loved ones, wherever they are, while the globe and book promote knowledge sharing and education.

    The patterned background represents the growth this access to knowledge allows, complimented by the women’s rocket earrings which depict elevation. It highlights how, through connectivity, we now have endless possibilities and opportunities, if we are only courageous enough to take them. Access to knowledge helps level the playing field in the digital age, improving accessibility for all and creating more inclusive societies.