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    Volubill and Sandvine team up on policy management


    Volubill, a provider of real-time policy management and charging solutions, today announced that the company has completed interoperability testing with Sandvine, a provider of Network Policy Control solutions for fixed and mobile operators, to create a solution that gives network operators the understanding of network traffic required to deliver more dynamic and contextualized data service plans.

    The fully tested and pre-integrated solution will allow operators to put in place a real-time policy enforcement and policy management engine with proven capabilities, while benefiting from deployment cost reduction and higher speeds of implementation. The announcement is said to build on the successful deployments of Volubill’s online charging system at various Orange subsidiaries and at Movistar Venezuela, to support prepaid charging models.

    “Volubill is focused on providing solutions that will enable network operators to take advantage of the mobile data services revenue opportunity,” said John Aalbers, CEO Volubill.  “By delivering an interoperable solution that optimizes 3GPP standards, we can help network operators to better understand network traffic behavior and to use that information to improve the personalization of subscriber services and pricing plans while enhancing customer quality of experience.”

    Volubill’s CONTROL IT policy management solution has been tested and pre-integrated with Sandvine’s Policy Traffic Switch policy control and enforcement solution to meet 3GPP Diameter Gx and 3GPP Diameter Gy protocol requirements.

    “Deploying the joint Sandvine and Volubill solution gives network operators better visibility and understanding of network traffic, and the means to dynamically manage that traffic with full context-awareness. These capabilities are critical to a network operator’s ability to implement optimized, differentiated, and easy-to-manage customer offerings,” said Tom Donnelly, EVP Marketing and Sales, Sandvine.