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    Volvo picks up Ericsson to handle connected car cloud


    Ericsson will provide Volvo Car Group with its connected vehicle platform after signing a five year deal with the Swedish car maker.

    The vendor’s Connected Vehicle Cloud platform will be deployed in more than 120 countries as part of the deal, which is the largest to date for this technology.

    The cloud will allow Volvo to provide customers with the likes of automation, fleet management, telematics, navigation and infotainment.

    Ericsson said the deal would be compliant with the variety of legal, security and privacy regulations worldwide, such as the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation.

    Connected cars is just one area expected to thrive in the 5G era through the connectivity’s ability to deliver increased speeds, low latency and capacity.

    Ericsson said software services will be central to ensuring car manufacturers are able to deliver availability, quality and stability of service.

    Åsa Tamsons, Head of Business Area Technologies & New Businesses, Ericsson, said: “Ericsson is providing a highly scalable and global platform for connected services to Volvo Cars. By removing complexity in areas such as data legislation and storage management, and improving services latency, our platform enhances the overall user experience of Volvo Cars’ connected services.

    “Our Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud platform will result in rapid innovation and the faster launch of new services to the benefit of Volvo Cars’ partners and customers. The new platform enables the latest development in telematics, infotainment, navigation, automation, and fleet management.”

    O2 and Telia are among the companies exploring connected cars from an operator’s perspective, with both launching recent trials.