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    Webinar: Improve the accuracy of your financial KPIs for better customer bills


    Our sister title European Communications is holding an exclusive webinar next Tuesday, 11 June on improving data quality to prevent inaccurate bills. You can register to attend the webinar here.

    Join Marc Smith from European Communications, Rogier Wouters from KPN Netherlands and John Joseph from Lavastorm Analytics as they deliver an exclusive webinar on improving the accuracy of financial KPIs and customer bills.

    Whether the data quality issues arise from the presence of multiple billing systems, multiple CRM systems, lax data governance procedures, or some other cause, the problem needs to be tackled systematically for service providers to reduce the impact of data quality on the customer experience.

    KPN, the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands, will discuss the analytic techniques they used to improve their data quality related to data, IP, and residential services billing and the benefits they gained as a result.

    The webinar will focus on the following key topics:

    • How KPN overcame the quality issues associated with having five billing systems and four CRM systems to improve bill accuracy
    • Techniques required to improve bill accuracy for different services, including data, IP, and residential services
    • Agile data integration methods that allowed KPN to bring together 18 data sources, including installed equipment, billing, and CRM data, to determine the accuracy of the bill