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    ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Taking 5G Indoors: mmWave, Fiber, and New Business Models


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    There’s a huge amount of interest in 5G deployments, and the many consumer, enterprise and IoT use-cases the technology can bring to the market. But not enough attention is being paid to the practicalities of indoor 5G. How can the new capabilities become truly ubiquitous, both outdoors and inside buildings? Higher spectrum bands and new approaches to radio architecture mean that it’s not always going to be straightforward.

    Join this webinar with iBwave and Dean Bubley from Disruptive Analysis, to learn more about the current state of indoor 5G, where it will be going and what’s needed to get there. We’ll look at what in-building 5G means in terms of radio propagation, supporting infrastructure and control layers and what is needed to maximize the potential of 5G for different locations and venue types.

    We’ll also discuss how these developments are not happening in isolation, but rather right alongside many other trends like Wi-Fi 6, Optical LAN and smart-buildings. Last but not least, we’ll look at techniques for designing 5G networks, what the performance can look like once all the moving parts come together – and how to protect your investments as new 5G use-cases and spectrum bands evolve in coming years.

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    Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis

    Dean Bubley is the Founder of Disruptive Analysis. He is an independent technology industry analyst, futurist, speaker and consultant, with over 25 years’ experience. He specialises in wireless, telecoms and IoT fields. He is one of the leading analysts covering 5G, telco business models & regulation, the future of voice/video, and the emergence of technologies such as blockchain and AI.

    Zachary Elias, Product Manager, iBwave Solutions

    Zachary Elias is a product development and management advocate at iBwave focused on building Wireless , UI/UX, and Business Intelligence products.  He has over 20 years of experience in the software world creating innovative software products for Telecom, Security, Big Data, Mobility and SaaS industries.  With 5G on the cusp of global rollout, Zach is a believer in the transformative power 5G will have in these industries and beyond.

    Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

    Annie Turner has researched and written about telecoms since the late 1980s in a number of roles — as editor of business titles including for International Thomson and The Economist Group, contributor to national newspapers such as The Times and FT, and as an analyst for Market Mettle and Current Analysis.