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    Who’s afraid of AIOps?


    Not Frederick Sundin, Head of Network Development at Vodafone. He tells Annie Turner about the operator’s fearless strategy at Mobile Europe’s Network Now event

    In this conversation, Fred Sundin talks about issues from culture to training, from standards to how the plan to hire 7,000 software engineers (announced in October 2021) is going and how the central group functions mesh with those in local opcos, for example regarding the deployment of AI.

    How outsourcing is cheaper and a more holistic approach, and the critical importance of network planning in enabling autonomy in the network, “to make sure that we use this new technology when it comes to planning or network as well, to ensure that we don’t just add value to the customer, but also bring value to the business.”

    Hence Sundin was less interested in talking about the types of AI than the business case for applying it, whether it’s machine learning or GenAI or artificial general intelligence (AGI).

    This was a wide-ranging, highly informative discussion with some great questions from the audience too.

    Watch the whole video on YouTube.

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