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    Wi-Fi Alliance issues guide for builders to connect homes from the foundations


    The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a new certification program to ensure connectivity for houses built from scratch.

    Wi-Fi Certified Home Design is aimed at making the technology as fundamental to a building’s construction as lighting or electrics.

    The Alliance said the program provides construction companies with a network installation plan approved by the Wi-Fi industry to define where access points should be placed to remove dead spots and maximise coverage.

    A further aim of the program is to ensure Wi-Fi can dovetail with smart home products such as wireless speakers, security cameras and door locks.

    The Alliance worked with Wi-Fi companies, mobile device manufacturers, consumer electronics, smart home and construction companies to define specific criteria for the program. It is unclear if any European housebuilders have signed up to the program.

    Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, said: “We are committed to a great user experience for our Wi-Fi fans in all areas of their lives, and we now bring our expertise in developing certification programs to residential home Wi-Fi network design. Homes that are certified for Wi-Fi Home Design provide whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with professionally designed networks that are ready for demanding applications.”

    United States homebuilder Lennar was among the first companies to use the certification in its new builds. Lennar President David J Kaiserman said: “Reliable whole-home Wi-Fi is as essential to the way people live today as central air conditioning. Wi-Fi Home Design sets an unmatched standard for residential Wi-Fi networks that assures homebuyers their new home will allow them to enjoy a truly connected lifestyle – with smart devices that enhance security and comfort, streaming entertainment or whatever the future holds.” 

    Last month Qualcomm launched a new mesh networking Wi-Fi solution which it said was aimed at enabling smart home friendly Wi-Fi deployments.